The Ugly Scrap Quilt

The Ugly Scrap Quilt

Edited to add: I hope this post doesn't come off in the wrong way.  I made much more traditional looking quilts for my son's teachers and, since this is a small school, they will likely see the quilts I made for each other and I am worried she is going to wonder why I made this crazy quilt for her.  I do like the quilt, it is just much louder than I expected so I wasn't sure what to do.  Thank you for all of your words of support!

Have you ever finished a quilt top and thought, "Wow, that is kind of ugly!"?  I posted this question on Instagram the other day when I finished the quilt top.  I had some very sympathetic, helpful responses, and while it does usually help to quilt and bind the project, I felt a little like I was putting lipstick on a pig. This one is a little crazy.
the ugly scrap quilt
Normally when I make a scrap quilt I spend some time evaluating how the scraps will work together. This time my only criteria was that the scrap was large enough to cut a 3.5" square from it.   The hard thing about this quilt for me is that I love of the fabrics that I used.  A lot!  I just don't love them together.  
the ugly scrap quilt86-Edit
I do think that adding a pretty backing and binding helped to temper the crazy.  And quilting always makes everything better.  My original plan was to give this quilt to my daughter's 2nd grade teacher as an end of year gift.
the ugly scrap quilt
So now the question is, do I give her this ugly scrap quilt or give her an unused quilt from my stash? (actually the better question is why did I make a new quilt when I have unused quilts in my stash, ha ha)  the ugly scrap quilt
I don't totally hate it, I'm just not sure if I want to gift it to someone.  What would you do?

Finished size: 60" x 66"
Backing: Palm Springs in Navy from Hatbox
Binding: Dime Store Dot Navy
Batting: Quilter's Dream Cotton Select

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Kathie on

I love this quilt! It is magical. At first glance it looks entirely scrappy but looking closer I see a pattern with the center blocks being the same. Whoever you give this to, will love it too. Sometimes we have to work outside the box we have put ourselves in so we can see other possibilities. Thanks for all the beautiful ideas you share.

Deb on

Came across this posting from 2016 (woke early this morning & enjoyed your last 11 years of quilting!). I think this quilt is very fun, colorful and I hope you gave this quilt to someone who adores it. About 99% of my quilts are scrappy — each with its own personality. The same center block in your quilt gives the eye a place to rest between the color and calms it a bit. Love it!

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