The Jonah Quilt - Twin Size Colors

The Jonah Quilt - Twin Size Colors

A couple of people have reached out and asked about colors for making the Jonah Quilt in Pure Solids like the quilt on the cover of the pattern. I get requests like this sometimes and I wish I could help everyone, every time but I just don't always have time to do that. However, I am going to do this one.

The Jonah Quilt Pattern in Pure Solids Twin Size - Kitchen Table Quilting

I do love an excuse to play around with fabrics. The colors and fabric placement used in the lap size are the same in this mockup, but I have added some additional colors to make it twin size. Of course I haven't actually made this quilt so I can't 100% promise that these colors work together, but Pure Solids mockups are usually pretty accurate.

A Fabrics

Northern Waters

Golden Bronze




Balsam Fir

B Fabrics


Raw Gold

Garden Fern



Apple Cider


Fabric C


Fabric D

Dried Moss


White Linen

Now I really want to make this — it would be perfect for my boys' room. I have linked to all of the Pure Solids Colors above and you can find the Jonah Quilt Pattern in my shop. If I have time, maybe I will mockup up colors for queen and king sizes as well.  

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Debra on

Thank you for defining colors and placement. I prepared an order of fabrics based on the colors that you listed in the pattern. I didn’t order them yet because I was not sure that I had the colors in the correct order. This is a huge help!

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