Quilt Ideas - Flowerland

Quilt Ideas - Flowerland

If this week has been as long for you as it has been for me, I thought you could use a happy post today. Melody Miller's newest collection, Flowerland, is just the happy that you need.

One of my favorite things about Melody's collections is that she makes larger scale or novelty-type prints work well in patterns. And she has some pretty ones! These prints also make wonderful backing fabrics. If I were going to make a quilt using this collection, I would pick the blue Summer Seeds print or the turquoise floral as my backing fabric.

She also does a great job creating prints that are great stash builders, but in bright and unique colors. The Posies print in Balmy or Turquoise or the Butterflies print in Vintage Pink or Goldfish would all be great stash additions. 

The Judy Quilt

The Judy Quilt in Flowerland

The Ivy Quilt

The Ivy Quilt in Flowerland

The Abigail Quilt

The Abigail Quilt in Flowerland

The Luna Quilt

The Luna Quilt in Flowerland

The Tabitha Quilt

The Tabitha Quilt in Flowerland

The Birdie Quilt

The Birdie Quilt in Flowerland

Flowerland is available now in shops. I think my favorite of this bunch is Ivy or Tabitha. Do you have a favorite?

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Rebecca Bunke on

I’m crazy about your Luna Quilt pattern. I just finished one for a Project Linus donation, and have two more planned in my head. Thanks for mocking up these sample ideas. My favorite is the Birdie Quilt in these fabrics.

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