Denyse Schmidt Quilt

Denyse Schmidt Quilt

A few weeks ago my grandparents moved into an assisted living facility.  My grandma has had dementia for a while and it was becoming increasingly difficult for my grandpa to take care of her. They live in a small town in East Texas near where I grew up, but where none of their children or grandchildren have lived for a long time.  Since I am not able to visit them right now, I decided I wanted to make them a quilt.
DS Quilt
I pinned this quilt a long time ago and have always wanted to make something similar and I was planning on using a bunch of Denyse Schmidt prints for my grandparent's quilt, so when I was browsing through my Pinterest board, Megan's quilt popped out at me.  
DS Quilt
Denyse is my favorite fabric designer.  Her prints are so versatile and look good together or mixed with other collections.  
DS Quilt
I quilted a line through every other diagonal row.  Since I don't know how the quilt will be laundered in their facility, I zig zag stitched the binding on to make sure it is secure.  I also attached a label to the back of the quilt with their names.

It went in the mail yesterday and should arrive by the end of the week!

Finished size: 54" x 66"
Backing fabric: Flea Market Fancy Leaf and Dot Red (available here)
Binding fabric: Florence Lincoln Log Carnet (available here or here)
Batting: Quilter's Dream Cotton Select

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Nicha Daye on

Hello Erica
I asked you before about The Denyse Schmidt Quilt. Where was the pattern for that quilt. I told her that there’s quilt named after her. She was surprised. If can tell me where to get the pattern, I would love that. I have fabric that I want to use.

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