Quilt Ideas - Besties by Tula Pink

Quilt Ideas - Besties by Tula Pink

Did your Friday need a little color?
Today I am sharing some quilt ideas using Tula Pink's Besties collection. There is no shortage of color here and the collection is so adorable! I even used colorful background colors for most of the mockups. Yes, you can be proud of me.
I also included my next pattern, the Bonnie Quilt, which will be available at the very end of this month. 

The Ruby Quilt

The Ruby Quilt in Besties

The Freya Quilt

The Freya Quilt in Besties

The Hazel Quilt

The Hazel Quilt in Besties

The Abigail Quilt

The Abigail Quilt in Besties

The Bonnie Quilt (available soon!)

The Bonnie Quilt in Besties

The Judy Quilt

The Judy Quilt in Besties

The Jonah Quilt

The Jonah Quilt in Besties

The Frances Quilt

The Frances Quilt in Besties - Kitchen Table Quilting
Do you have a favorite? I think mine is either Ruby or Hazel. Besties is available in shops now!

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Jenn on

I echo Heather on her whole comment.

Shari on

Love how the Judy Quilt showcases larger cuts of fabric. Very inspiring!

Leigh Babin on

I love the Bonnie!

Heather on

I like the mockups in every patters, but Judy and Frances are calling out to me!

Mich on

Love these mock ups. Hazel is speaking to me 😀

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