New Pattern - Meet the Helen Quilt

New Pattern - Meet the Helen Quilt

Do you love sawtooth star quilt blocks as much as I do? Nothing says “QUILT” quite like a star pattern! I’ve been working on ideas for a star quilt pattern for the past couple of years — aiming for something simple yet unique. Finally, I found the perfect balance. Meet the Helen Quilt Pattern.

The Helen Quilt in Starry - Kitchen Table Quilting

Why You’ll Love the Helen Quilt Pattern

Versatile Fabric Options: This pattern can be made with fat eighths, fat quarters, or scraps. It works beautifully with prints (even large-scale prints!), solids, and basics.

Multiple Sizes: The Helen Quilt Pattern includes instructions for sizes ranging from baby to king. The varying sizes of the stars add visual interest, making the quilt both simple and captivating.

Scrap-Friendly: If I had written this pattern a year ago, I might not have included scrappy instructions. But now, I’m committed to making every pattern scrap-friendly. I’ve made a scrappy sample (which I’ll share later this week!) and included detailed instructions for it in the pattern.

The Helen Quilt in Starry - Kitchen Table Quilting

I have three super fun samples to share with you this week, plus I’ll be putting together lots of mockups.

Get Your Copy

Head over to the shop to pick up your copy of the PDF or paper version of the Helen Quilt Pattern right now!

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Marianne on

The scrappy one is to die for! Cute pattern!

Lisa C on

Cute pattern. Just FYI – the sizes on the pattern page don’t match the sizes listed in the description of the pattern on your website.

Kate on

I had to get this one. My mother and granddaughter were both Helen’s. I think I’ll make this one to keep and eventually pass down to the young Helen. Love your patterns.

PatS on

Thanks! I’ve been waiting for this one. Instagram is chock full of star quilts right now, but I knew yours was coming and I wanted yours.

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